Toys Milano Plus 2020

On-line 25/05/2020 25/06/2020

Toys Milano is an innovative meeting opportunity for professionals in the toy sector. For two days, companies will be able to display their flagship products and receive buyers who want to be informed of all the news ahead of Christmas.

The event, which also extends to the stationery, carnival, decorations, party and early childhood and childcare sectors, with forays into the world of licenses and brands, is enriched by some moments of professional study.

To meet the changing information needs of the sector for 2020 TOYS MILANO has decided to present its new digital frontier: TOYS MILANO PLUS is a function tailor-made for the web, created to deal with the health emergency, which adds (PLUS ) and does not replace the value and characteristics typical of the physical edition.

TOYS MILANO PLUS will remain open for a limited period, allowing buyers and registered companies the opportunity to expand contacts and commercial relationships.

TOYS MILANO PLUS inaugurates a new service offered by the International Toy Fair, in collaboration with Assogiocattoli, marks a new way of doing business in step with the times, exploiting the resources made available by the network.

Through a simple procedure, buyers in the sector will be credited to the visit to TOYS MILANO PLUS and view in detail the offer proposed by the registered companies; in turn, companies have the opportunity to highlight their products, add descriptions and multimedia content and directly contact the potential buyer interested in more information on what is presented.

TOYS MILANO PLUS breaks down geographical and temporal boundaries, represents an additional service and opportunity to increase contacts, business, synergies and relationships, multiplying advantages and opportunities.

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