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Idee di Successo

Coriex, founded in 1987, is today one of the leading company in Europe for the production and distribution of licensed fashion bags and accessories.

Coriex founded in 1987, located in Mestrino (Padua), is now one of Europe's leading manufacturer and distributor of handbags and fashion accessories brands authorized. 

The range of clients on which the company has focused its activities are children and young people. The long-term partnership with the Entertainment and Sports Industry has encouraged the creation of a portfolio of licenses includes some of the most popular brands and demand in this area. 

Each collection is a mix of Coriex accurate between creativity and design, advanced materials and attention to detail in order to create concepts and innovative ideas. 

A young team of people with extensive experience in the field, it helps (the subject is not the team people) to distinguish Coriex as a well-known reality and dynamics. The primary mission is to anticipate and translate the emotional desires of the client's products inspired by the movement and the ability to adapt quickly to changing fashion trends, creating at the same time, sales opportunities to a market always looking for new ideas .


Coriex Iberian born in Spain (Barcelona) with the aim to consolidate and increase sales in Spain and Portugal. Our branch approaches the logistics for customers in these countries and therefore allows to improve delivery times and lower costs, especially for little volume orders and requests for painting in particular colors.
The goals of the Iberian coriex are to continue to increase market share in Spain and Portugal, offering customers a large catalog as a catalog Coriex Italy, offering the best service and competitive prices.